What is a ACH Funding?

Also referred to as a small business cash flow loan or a small business revenue based loan, ACH Funding is a short term financing option in which the lender has the ability to withdraw an agreed upon amount at agreed upon intervals directly from your checking account. Similar to factoring your accounts receivables, it differs in that the lender is paid automatically from customers as opposed to billing and collecting. Funding is based on the aggregate cash flow through the businesses operating accounts. Repayment is made by automated electronic debits (ACH) over specified terms. This allows businesses to use future cash flows to obtain the working capital they need to grow now.

Features & Benefits

ACH Funding offers you convenience. You do not have to stress about payment date or take the time to write and mail a check so you can rest assured knowing that your payment will be delivered promptly. In addition, regular and timely payments can help build and maintain a strong business credit profile. Other benefits include

  • fast loan approval process
  • credit is not a factor
  • flexible payback